Micah Wilson

Wordpress / Front-End Developer
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I use OS X Yosemite to develop with Coda 2, Google Chrome, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and other tertiary development applications. I manage my tasks and planning with Omnifocus 2.


I develop primarily in Wordpress with HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery, SQL and PHP. It provides a sturdy foundation to construct projects with my ever-evolving library of templates, custom functions & fields, taxonomies and various hacks & snippets. I have a custom theme developed using Bootstrap, and am always updating it with the latest and greatest scripts and methods.


  • National Content

    Web consulting, design & development

    Seattle, WA | March 2010 - present
    • Sales

      Working for myself has greatly honed my ability to sell. I believe the true secret to selling is an amalgam of processing of a client's needs coupled with a thoughtful understanding of their goals. My success in sales has been a product of understanding- I am a good listener and find much enjoyment in the synthesis of solutions.

    • Planning

      I use a robust wire-framing process to help various clients visualize & navigate their developing projects. This helps to determine the content types, sizes, and relationships between all site resources.

    • Content

      I have created an easy-to-use client-specific page. These typically contain a content punch-list, a proofing system (showing revisions all the way to final product), and a handy dropbox droplet for gathering project data & files to cut down on messy email back-and-fourth. After all content was received, I shaped and extracted truncated language such as excerpts for both on-site display and SEO meta data.

    • Design

      Often I would choose the colors (loosely based on a prior branding) and typeface that conveys the goals of each client. In addition to the colors, fonts & layout I also routinely found stock images, icons & other visual elements.

      1/3 of my projects were designed elsewhere - it was left to me to craft the code to best represent the mockups on the web. After a few consulting periods with a designer, we were able to agree on a layout and style that was true to their design, but also web and mobile-friendly.

    • Development

      In addition to utilizing the usual suspects such as HTML 5, jQuery, CSS3 & PHP, I built a majority of my work Wordpress. Wordpress acted as a nearly perfect transport layer, taking care of the site's architecture, custom post types & taxonomies. From simple real estate portfolios to complex real estate market places, my custom-designed sandbox theme can handle virtually any job. Built on bootstrap, with my many optimized mix-ins, it could be molded to fit exactly the needs of a client's organization and at the same time leaving plenty of space for expansion.

    • Server / Hosting

      I utilize a gamut of Server, DNS, and SQL database tools. phpMyAdmin is primarily the tool I use to work with SQL databases and I'm very comfortable modifying, moving, and altering databases. I had a few clients where my only service was to move a large Wordpress + Database and they all went off without a hitch.

    • Support

      I built in a trouble ticket system to field my client's support requests. They can check their status, ask questions, and most importantly know how my time is being spent remedying their site's issue. Often I use extensive screenshots and animated screen gifs to ensure I understand the issues they may be having.

    • Training

      I personally have trained more than 100 people in using the very basics to using custom code snippets and short codes inside of their websites. Through VNC, phone, email, and custom-made guides on my website, my success in training has been what allows me to run my company as a one-person shop.

    • Consulting

      A global constant throughout my work has been defining what a project is through thoughtful & thorough consultation. There are no questions or concepts too small or inane - an informative & organizing conversation with a client about their goals make the entire project more relevant to what their actual needs are.

  • Bird’s Eye Media

    Design & Development Lead

    Seattle, WA | July 2010 to November 2011
    • Print

      Created dozens of postcards, business cards, posters, flyers, brochures & other physical goods to a diverse set of clients.

    • Web Design

      I used detailed branding files and integrated them with Wordpress to create turn-key websites for real estate, medical, morgtage & and law clients.

    • Email Templates

      Created custom templates to match client's look and feel of their brand- making clear, easily modified layouts for attractive email marketing.

    • Training

      Trained dozens of executives, assistants, and interns on the ins-and-outs of their website. For larger offices I put together easy, to-use guides with animations, videos, and optimized screenshots.

    • Video / Motion Graphics

      With my past training and work in the video field, we were able to up sell many clients to include video shoots of their operations, testimonials, office, etc. I edited, processed and distributed in-house for these clients.

    • Server Admin

      During my tenure I was in charge of the three DV servers we used to host our client's sites. This helped me become competent with tools such as phpMyAdmin, Plesk, cPanel, Shell/SSH and others.

  • Swank Audio Visuals

    Audio Visual Concierge / Coordinator

    Washington, D.C. | October 2008 - February 2010
    • Facilitation

      Set up & operated audio, video, lighting & web for nearly 1000 events for over 200 governmental and non-governmental policy groups - acting as a liaison between clients and technical/sales teams.

    • Technical Lead

      Using a sophisticated Cisco-based system I was put in charge of all internet-related offerings we had at the property. I was often seen running back and fourth to the MDF and the client to ensure their many web-enabled devices were working as needed for their event.

    • Video Conferencing

      Travelled throughout the region as an operator and trainer of the organization’s state-of-the-art Polycom HDX 8000. This equipment brough time-saving and cost-cutting video conferencing capabilities over IP, ISDN and WiMax to small & large audiences.

    • Coordination

      Coordinated and assisted teams for set-up, teardown, and modifications of 30+ hotel meeting spaces, from ballrooms to breakout rooms.

    • Intensity

      Being the closest event space to the U.S. Capitol, our clients were often high-ranking political entities & offices from Hillary Clinton to Karl Rove. Per capita, our office was the highest profile / volume asset in the company.